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Why Can't I take My Leftovers Home From My Event?

We get this question all the time! It is in all of our contracts as well that per state law, no residual food may be taken home by customers. But why?

The reason you cannot take food from our venue is FOOD SAFETY! It is more than a liability. It is dangerous to eat food that has dropped below temperature when it has been sitting out for hours. When you hire an experienced chef, there will not be many leftovers. Truly. Many people would like to take leftover food to their local homeless shelter or soup kitchen, but It is also in THEIR policy to not except leftovers because of food safety. I do understand people’s concern and totally see why they would think it is weird but there are LAWS in place for a reason and that is to protect everyone. Restaurants are different because you are bringing your leftovers home immediately and refrigerating them. At an event, you have a good 3 hours or more between food service and the end of the event. Hope that helps to clarify… we have had to explain it to a lot of clients!


Understanding the Cost of a Wedding Venue

Having a wedding isn’t as simple as saying “I do”. There are a lot of moving parts and costs associated. Many couples who are newly engaged need to know how much each part of a wedding costs and why. For most people, this is their first time getting married and they need to be educated. 

The average cost of a wedding in Janesville-Beloit Wisconsin according to the Wedding Report’s 2019 study is $26,077. If that seems daunting, remember that a professional wedding is made possible by several professionals that will be charging professional wedding prices, because it is one of the most important days of your life!

One of the first decisions you make when planning your wedding is choosing your wedding venue. You will likely spend a large portion of your budget on your wedding venue cost, so it is important to do your research! The average wedding venue cost according to WeddingWire is $6,000 with most couples spending between $3,000-$11,000. Note that these are averages and depend on many factors. For example, the location of your wedding will impact your costs. Getting married in a bigger city tends to cost more than weddings in more rural areas. Your wedding date will impact the cost. If you get married on a Saturday night during peak season you will pay a premium price versus a weekday wedding or a wedding during the off-season. Size is also a factor, the more people you invite, the more money you will spend. What is included in your venue fee will also have a large impact. Some venues you will have to hire an outside caterer, a rental company for tables and chairs, and all other vendors. Please note that Glen Erin Golf Club is an all-inclusive venue which means that your rental fee includes all day access to the venue (10am-12:30am), all tables, all chairs, floor length linens (white, ivory, or black), napkins, silverware, dishware, glassware, set up, tear down, 1 hour rehearsal ceremony, cake cutting, PLUS a wedding coordinator to help you once you book through the day of your wedding! We also have a culinary team on staff so all food and beverage is provided by us. We are truly a one stop shop! You have an entire team working to make your day as stress free as possible. 

Keep in mind the location of your ceremony and if you want it at the same location as your reception. There is a cost associated with having a ceremony as well, whether in a church, at a local park, or at your venue. The average ceremony cost according to Weddingwire is $600.00.

What are some additional venue costs to consider?

Parking – be sure to check to see if you have to pay for valet or other parking fees for your guests. At Glen Erin Golf Club, all parking is free!

Taxes and fees – Cake cutting fees, corkage fees, service charges and more. Always ask the venue if there are any additional fees and taxes! Be sure to read all contracts carefully and fully understand what you are paying for before signing the dotted line.

Tips – be sure to ask if tips are included (also known as gratuities or service charges), if not you will need to be sure to tip the wait staff, bartenders, restroom attendants if any, and coatroom attendants if there are any.

Outside vendor fee – Many venues have vendor lists – a list of vendors they trust. If you choose someone that is not on the list you may need to pay an outside vendor fee. Please note that at Glen Erin Golf Club, there are no outside vendor fees. We do have a list of vendors that we trust and know will do a great job, but it is up to the client whether they choose to use them or not.

I hope that this article has helped you better understand the cost of a wedding venue! Getting married is an important day in your life that you will remember forever. Our staff at Glen Erin Golf Club believe it is important to make memories that last a lifetime! 

Postponing Events Due to COVID-19

It is okay to feel overwhelmed right now! We are here to help you decide what is best for your events during the coronavirus pandemic.

It is safe to say everyone is on edge right now as communities react to the impact of the COVID-19. Businesses and schools are shutting down and at-home work policies are being put into place. It is also causing a strain on the hospitality industry. We are closely monitoring the situation and all updates, but we understand that our clients are faced with the difficult decision to postpone or cancel their events.

First thing is first….BREATHE. You are not alone in this uncharted territory! Every hour things are changing and as a vendor in the hospitality industry I can assure you we all are working around-the-clock to consult with clients and other vendors. If you have an event in the next few months it would be a safe bet to contact all your vendors as soon as possible. Explore your options, understand any new regulations that may be put into place and understand how your big day may be impacted. Review contracts and create a back up plan. Ultimately, the decision is up to the clients but also be aware of the CDC recommendations. Right now, the CDC recommends postponing events with 50 or more guests within the next eight weeks.

If you make the decision to reschedule, keep in mind all other events during this timeframe are in the same boat so my advice is to move quickly and lock in a new date. Be sure to get in touch with your guests if you choose to postpone your event so that they can cancel any travel arrangements they may have booked already.

At Glen Erin Golf Club, if you have an event that falls in this time period and are looking to postpone your event there are no penalty fees. Contracts will stay as is, and we will simply adjust the date for you. If you choose to cancel your event please note that you will lose your non-refundable deposit. This falls under our contract clause “Force Majure”. 

Please consider postponing versus cancelling – the hospitality industry is on your side and will do whatever we can to help our clients and make this a smooth transition!

Stay healthy,

Glen Erin Golf Club

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