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Why Can't I take My Leftovers Home From My Event?

We get this question all the time! It is in all of our contracts as well that per state law, no residual food may be taken home by customers. But why?

The reason you cannot take food from our venue is FOOD SAFETY! It is more than a liability. It is dangerous to eat food that has dropped below temperature when it has been sitting out for hours. When you hire an experienced chef, there will not be many leftovers. Truly. Many people would like to take leftover food to their local homeless shelter or soup kitchen, but It is also in THEIR policy to not except leftovers because of food safety. I do understand people’s concern and totally see why they would think it is weird but there are LAWS in place for a reason and that is to protect everyone. Restaurants are different because you are bringing your leftovers home immediately and refrigerating them. At an event, you have a good 3 hours or more between food service and the end of the event. Hope that helps to clarify… we have had to explain it to a lot of clients!


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